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A. Basic Models

The Front End Platform attaches to the hydraulic system of a front-end loader on a tractor or similar vehicle, alternating with the bucket as desired.  It consists primarily of a horizontal deck and a vertical back, with no sides. The Platform is covered by two patents:  U.S. Patent No. 8,333,263 issued on Dec. 18, 2012, and U.S. Patent No. 8,869,936 issued on Oct. 28, 2014.  Ovis Loader Attachments, Inc. has exclusive rights for manufacturing and marketing this new implement

Three sizes of the implement are being manufactured and marketed currently.  Model 700 is 10 feet wide, Model 600 is 8 feet wide, and Model 500 is 6 feet wide. All three models are 4 feet deep and 4 feet high.  Model 700 has approximately the same capacity, in area and volume, as a full size (8 foot bed) pickup truck.  The Front End Platform has been tested to hold one ton of material spread uniformly over its deck (although it is not rated for use with that much weight).  The Platform can be lifted and tilted by the front-end loader system, just as the system would do with its normal bucket attachment.

Models 500         $817
Model 700         $885
Model 600         $849
The Front End Platform (with back) is constructed of powder-coated steel supports, #1 grade pressure treated boards, and more than 500 hot-dip galvanized fasteners. The supports include four ¼"×3"×3" angle irons about 48" long. Each angle iron is bolted at a 90 degree angle to another angle iron using a pair of L-shaped braces. Each leg of a brace consists of a ¾"×2½"×18" steel bar.

The main boards comprising the deck and back are 2"×12" boards, either 10', 8', or 6' long. They have been chosen because of their strength, stiffness, durability, cost, weight, and ease of assembly. (While the wood components constitute the majority of the implement by volume, they comprise less than 20% of the material cost, with about 83% of the cost being for the steel.) There are 21 different kinds of fastener in each implement. There is a grill in the upper part of the back to provide better visibility for the driver.

​For a more detailed description of the fabrication of the Front End Platform, Click Here

The design of the Platform is extremely efficient, offering maximal performance for minimal cost. The steel and wood have excellent strength and stiffness so as to support the many uses of the Platform. The materials and workmanship are of the highest quality, and are supported by a money-back guarantee.

B.  Quick Attach Brackets and Skid Steer Adapters

The Front End Platform comes with quick attach brackets for connecting it to the front end loader. We currently provide four popular quick attach bracket designs from which to choose. These are: (1) the skid steer design, (2) the Euro/Global design, (3) the John Deere design for 300 and 400 series loaders, and (4) the John Deere design for 500 series loaders. We also provide brackets for (5) forklifts.

We can also provide other types of quick attach or pin-on (not quick attach) connections for an extra charge, probably around $100.  Inquiries about such connections are encouraged through email to: service@ovisloaderattachments.com. If you are unsure about what type of connection you have, email us at the above address or call (618) 503-0191 and we will probably be able to tell you.

For loaders using the conventional pin-on connection (i.e., not quick attach), we offer Skid Steer adapters that will convert the loader into the quick attach style. We offer more than 150 models of adapter that are compatible with more than 240 different loaders. Most of these adapters cost $440. We also offer Skid Steer plates that can be welded onto a pin-on bucket to convert it into the Skid Steer style. The price for these plates is typically $80 per pair. If you are interested in the adapters and/or the plates, send an email to service@ovisloaderattachments.com, indicating your interest and specifying your loader model.

C.  Accessories

​Nine useful accessories are available as options on the Front End Platform. They are as follows:

​1.        Leg system ($349)

​2.        Tether system ($129)

3.Tool box. $36 (Not available on Model 500)


4.Long-handle tool hangers. $21 (Not available on Model 500)

5.Two ramps. $27

6.Ear muff hanger. $5

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D. Kit      ($689)

It is possible to buy all of the (unassembled) materials for the basic Models 700, 600, or 500, except the boards, in a kit form. Our kit, Model 300, includes all of the pre-cut and pre-drilled steel supports, the quick attach (or other) brackets, all of the fasteners, and the wire mesh used for the grill, but none of the wood. The wood is readily available almost everywhere, it is relatively bulky and heavy (about 300 - 400 pounds), and having it purchased locally by the customer saves significantly on shipping costs. Furthermore, the kit comes on a compact 3-foot by 4-foot pallet, which saves further on shipping costs. The kit does not include the leg system or tether system, but these accessories can be purchased separately. Directions and fasteners for all of the other accessories are included in the kit.

The kit includes 11 separate steel components and approximately 500 fasteners of 22 different kinds. It also includes a manual containing detailed assembly instructions (and operating and safety instructions), a list of materials to be bought locally, and a list of tools needed. The assembly can be done using ordinary tools and skills, and can be done by one person working alone or by two people. The retail cost of the wood (excluding accessories) is roughly $100. The assembly primarily involves measuring and cutting boards, drilling holes in boards, positioning boards and steel, and fastening components using bolts and screws.

The price of the kit is $689. Note that the cost of a completely built basic Platform (with no accessories), is not a great deal greater, for two primary reasons. First, our assembly process is very efficient and therefore very inexpensive. Second, more than 80% of the material cost for the Platform is in the steel, all of which is included in the kit. 

The main savings from ordering a kit instead of a completely built unit will generally be in reduced shipping cost, since the kit is much more compact and weighs much less. While we are very happy to offer the kit option, we recommend to most customers that they buy a completely assembled implement, to save on the labor.