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Introducing the Front End Carrier
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Farmers, ranchers, contractors, roofers, orchard and vineyard managers, painters, landscapers, brick masons, military personnel, hunters, etc.

Parks, barns, woodlands, nurseries, golf courses, warehouses, big box stores, college campuses, orchards, wineries, etc.

Mobile scaffold, mobile loading dock, power lift, work bench,  etc.

​Gathering brush, pruning trees, moving or lifting construction materials, carrying nursery stock, handling firewood, cleaning gutters, painting house or barn, building or repairing fencing, carrying hay, loading or unloading heavy objects from a truck or trailer, picking fruit, hanging bird houses, building treestands, etc.

Ovis manufactures and markets the newly patented Front End Carrier for tractors, forklifts, and other vehicles having front end loaders. The Carrier replaces the bucket on the loader, bringing expanded functionality to what you can do with your tractor.
Ovis Loader Attachments in Media

Farm Progress (3/26/13)

Power Iron (3/28/13)
Carrying Capacity of a Pickup Truck
Doubles as an elevated Work Platform
Highest strength, capacity, and quality

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Try the Front End Carrier on your loader, and you'll use the Carrier more than you use your bucket!
More on Front End Carrier Fabrication
Winter 2014 Special - Prices Reduced         Products
Model 600
4' x 4' x 8'
Model 700
4' x 4' x 10'
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