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Ovis Loader Attachments,Inc.
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Farmers, ranchers, contractors, roofers, orchard and vineyard managers, painters, landscapers, brick masons, military personnel, hunters, etc.

Parks, barns, woodlands, nurseries, golf courses, warehouses, big box stores, college campuses, orchards, wineries, etc.

Mobile loading dock, power lift, work bench,  etc.

​Gathering brush, pruning trees, moving or lifting construction materials, carrying nursery stock, handling firewood, building or repairing fencing, carrying hay, loading or unloading heavy objects from a truck or trailer, etc.

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Ovis manufactures and markets the Front End Carrier for tractors and other vehicles having front end loaders. The Carrier is a newly patented implement with an 8 or 10 foot wide by 4 foot deep deck and 4 foot high back that attaches to the front end loader, switching with the bucket as desired. It is constructed from powder coated steel supports, #1 grade pressure treated decking, and approximately 400 galvanized fasteners. We support many QUICK ATTACH and PIN ON connections. The Carrier has the same cargo capacity as a PICKUP TRUCK, and it has been tested to hold 2,000 pounds.  It can conveniently carry material longer than its width (unlike a bucket). The Carrier truly brings greatly expanded functionality to what you can do with your tractor. Sample cargo: lumber, limbs, pipes, appliances, ...
Highest strength, capacity, and quality
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Try the Front End Carrier on your loader, and you'll use it more than you use your bucket!

Patents:  U.S. Patent Nos. 8,333,263 and 8,869,936 and European Patent No. 2,603,400
Hauling logs
Loading dock, power lift
Carrying brush
Front End Carrier Fabrication
Quick attach bracket, L-braces,  back support
Upside down Carrier/Platform
Model 600
4' x 4' x 8'
Model 700
4' x 4' x 10'
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OVIS Loader Attachments
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