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Our prices are good for orders received through January 31, 2018. The prices include sales taxes, if any, but do not include shipping charges.  (See the explanation below on shipping charges.) Please feel free to call us at (618) 501-0026 or email us at if you have any questions.
To purchase one or more implements, you may pay by check or credit card, as described below:
To pay by check, first call us at 618-501-0026 or send an email to Do not send a check yet. Indicate what model(s) you might want to buy, what kind of quick attach or other brackets you need (if known), and what accessories you want (if any). Also provide your name, phone number, email address, and delivery address including zip code. We will contact you regarding shipping charges, quick attach brackets, and other information.  After this (if you now want to buy), make a check payable to Ovis Loader Attachments and mail it to Ovis Loader Attachments, 1555 S. Wall St., Carbondale, IL 62901.
​To pay by credit card, click the shopping cart icon below to access our store.  You can choose any of our Carrier Models (don't forget to specify the bracket type) and accessories.  Be sure to "purchase" the proper shipping charges (see below) unless you are picking up your Carrier. You can clear your cart without paying if you change your mind.
Please refer to the explanations below regarding quick attach brackets, shipping costs, and our guarantee statement.

Click below to access our shopping cart

Quick Attach or Other Brackets

In addition to specifying which model(s) you want to buy (700, 600, 500, or 300) and which accessories, you must also specify which type of quick attach brackets you need. The five standard choices are Skid Steer, Euro/Global, John Deere Series 300 or 400 loader, John Deere Series 500 loader, and Forklift. When you order, be sure to specify which bracket type you want.
If you need forklift brackets, non-standard quick attach brackets, or pin-on brackets (i.e., not quick attach), then you must send an email to or call (618) 501-0026 indicating what type of brackets you need.   We will contact you to obtain necessary information about your brackets.  

Shipping Costs

​Your Front End Carrier will be shipped on a 48- or 53-foot semi trailer.

Shipping charges around the country are typically less than $200 for a Model 700 or 600 but must be determined on an individual basis, primarily depending on the destination zip code. You can determine your exact shipping cost for a prospective purchase by emailing or calling (618) 501-0026 and specifying your zip code and what model of Front End Carrier you might want (700, 600, 500, or 300). We will respond to your email or call with the shipping cost you will need to pay if you make that purchase. We will not consider this to be a commitment to buy and we will not save your email address or phone number from this query.

If you pay for your order by check, simply include the shipping cost we have given you in the amount of the check. If you choose to pay by credit card, our Store provides three shipping charges, $100, $25, and $5, that can be chosen in multiple quantities, in order to pay your shipping cost. To make such a purchase, simply choose the number of $100, $25, and $5 charges needed to pay for the cost that we have given you (which will be a multiple of $5). For example, if we have given you a shipping cost of $165, then you should order one of the $100 shipping charges, two of the $25 shipping charges, and three of the $5 charges. If you choose to pick up your implement at our factory location, there is no shipping charge.

Guarantee Statement
Ovis Loader Attachments, Inc. guarantees each Front End Carrier implement or kit (Model 700, 600, 500, or 300) and each accessory it sells to be free of defects in material and workmanship. If a defective component is found and the customer notifies us ( within 30 days of delivery of the implement or kit, Ovis will provide for the repair or replacement of the defective component at no charge to the customer.

We further guarantee the satisfaction of each customer with our implements and kits. If a customer is not satisfied with an implement or kit, and notifies us within 30 days of delivery of the implement or kit, the customer can promptly return the implement or kit to us for a refund of the purchase cost and delivery cost. The implement or kit must be returned in good condition. The customer must pay for the return shipping, either by arranging and paying for the shipping directly or having us arrange and pay for the shipping and deducting the cost from the refund.
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