I would love to give you a review. 5 stars all the way:

I bought an 8 foot Ovis Loader a few years ago for my Kubota L3940 tractor. Of all my attachments, it’s my most prized. We use it for lots of things. Moving small lots of square bales, moving cut firewood from the woods to the house, as a tommy lift to get stuff off a trailer or truck, the list goes on. It’s handy when replacing light bulbs high up in the barn. Last year we had a flood and my family was stranded. I put the Ovis Loader on and drove the tractor through the flood. Everybody clambered aboard and I drove them home. The current was too swift for the kids to have walked it, and it was night time.

I keep it in the barn when not in use. All my other attachments live outside in the weather. I want to keep this bad boy pristine. I know it’s tough as nails and could easily withstand whatever nature threw at it, but it’s a prized possession and gets star treatment.

5 stars aren’t enough, but that’s the best a star system allows. So 5 stars.
Dallas, TX

I would rate your carrier a five. We use it continuously: trimming trees, replacing lights, painting grain tanks and the most useful was cleaning the combine. I was able to wash the combine from the top down. I Just call it my moving ladder. Bales of hay and straw have also been moved everywhere on the farm. It's just a great tool.

​Mt. Holly, VA

I have picked up my implement and I must say I have enjoyed it very much. It is just so handy and I find I use it all the time. So, thanks again.

Marion, LA

This implement is so great. Everybody with a tractor should have one.


I have about 54 acres. I bought a loader attachment for my John Deere tractor. It is a small 38hp tractor and have used the loader for knocking pecans down, hauling dead trees and bush and trimming tree branches. It has been very useful around the house and garden. It is one of the best items I have purchased for the ranch.
Stratford, OK
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