General Description
The Front End Carrier attaches to the hydraulic system of a front-end loader on a tractor or similar vehicle, alternating with the bucket as desired. It consists primarily of a horizontal deck and a vertical back, with no sides.
Three sizes of the implement are being manufactured and marketed currently. Model 700 is 10 feet wide, Model 600 is 8 feet wide, and Model 500 is 6 feet wide. All three models are 4 feet deep and 4 feet high. Model 700 has approximately the same capacity, in area and volume, as a full size (8 foot bed) pickup truck.
The Front End Carrier is rated to hold 1200 pounds spread uniformly over its deck. (Actually, it has been tested to hold one ton (2,000 pounds) of material spread uniformly over its deck. The Carrier can be lifted and tilted by the front-end loader system, just as the system would do with its normal bucket attachment.
The Carrier is constructed using powder-coated steel supports, #1 grade pressure treated boards, a galvanized grill, and approximately 400 hot-dip galvanized fasteners.
The main boards comprising the deck and back are 2"×12" boards, either 10', 8', or 6' long. They have been chosen because of their strength, stiffness, durability, cost, weight, and ease of assembly. While the wood components constitute the majority of the implement by volume, they comprise only about 20% of the material cost, thereby greatly reducing the overall cost of the implement while maintaining its strength and functionality. The grill in the upper part of the back provides better visibility for the driver.
The design of the Carrier is extremely efficient, offering maximal performance for minimal cost. The steel, wood, and grill have excellent strength and stiffness so as to support the many uses of the implement. The materials and workmanship are of the highest quality, and are supported by a money-back guarantee.
For a more detailed description of the fabrication of the Front End Carrier, Click Here. ​ For a further discussion of the use of wood decking, Click Here.
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