Wood Decking

Most people think that tractor implements should be made entirely or almost entirely of steel. The reason for using steel is that it is the ideal material for withstanding the forces and stresses involved in equipment such as disks, brush hogs, and buckets, used for cutting, mowing, scooping, digging, etc. However, the main functions of the Front End Carrier are lifting, carrying, dumping, etc., which incur much different kinds of force and stress. The stresses on the Carrier are really more like those on a farm wagon or trailer, than on a brush hog or disk. And of course, farm wagons and trailers often use wood planks.
Pressure treated 2"×12" boards are the ideal decking material for an implement designed for the multitude of uses we have described. These boards provide the best combination of strength, stiffness, durability, toughness, weight, and cost-effectiveness of all available materials.
Finally, we note that while wood comprises by far the largest quantity of material, by volume, in the Front End Carrier, it comprises only about 20% of the material cost, with steel comprising about 80%. Thus the Carrier really is mostly steel (by cost) after all, with the wood components giving excellent performance at just a fraction of what the cost would be if steel or another material were used in its place. We are proud to pass that cost savings on to you, the customer.
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